The Dark Side of Us ..

Does having a dark side mean we are evil?
No. It is simply part of being human. We all know whatever these qualities are meant to be.
We would not know sunshine if we did not know darkness.
We would not know light if we did not know dark.
We would not have courage if we did not have fear. We need both qualities.
We would not know love if we did not know hate.
Humans see and understand these contracts. The dark side is anything that we deem dark. When did we learn that? We learned that when someone teased us. You’re being a baby. You are stupid. Whatever they called you became a shadow part of yourself that you hate. These are qualities that we have to struggle with this lifetime. We do have a tendency toward different shadow qualities, but I think most of them are learned. How many people did not want to be like their father or mother? When you get older, you see those parts of them coming up in you. You either have to deal with the shadow or the shadow deals with you.